Terms and Conditions
Entitlements: The recipient is entitled to a four (4) day and three (3) night resort hotel stay for up to two adults and two children (staying in the same room) at Laguna Suites Golf + Spa in Cancun, Mexico. This vacation is valid for 12 months from date of activation. Cancun Travel Unlimited (CTU) is not responsible for airline tickets or any kind of transportation or any expenses associated with it. This promotional package does not cover incidental expenses, such as phone calls, gratuities, taxes, service charges and/or any other personal expenses or purchases.
2. Immediately register online at www.EliteCancunGetaway.com or complete the attached
Registration Form and mail the original to Elite Cancun Getaway, XPUHI L NO. 3, Suite 8218 • S .M. 27, Cancun, Q.ROO • C.P. 77500. Do not delay registration. CTU must receive your Registration Form via Internet registration or mail within 30 days of your receipt of this certificate to validate your request. You may also fax your registration form to 1-954-252-2093.
3. This promotion is valid only for adults over 25 years of age; traveler must provide a major credit card at check-in to cover the cost of incidentals. You may transfer it to another couple over 25 years of age within this 12-month period, as long as it is transferred within 30 to 45 days prior to travel date. Such transfer must be notified and new vacation holder information must be provided to our Reservations Department. Holidays and certain peak times may be limited.
4. All reservations are subject to availability and can be made through our reservationnumber 1-800-690-8590 (USA), 1-866-760-1843 (CANADA) or 0 800 047 0813 (UK), Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. (CST). Reservations must be made at least 30 days prior to desired travel date in low seasons, and 60 days prior to desired travel date in high season (subject to availability) (high season dates: March 15 - April 15; June
15 - Aug 15; Dec 15 - Jan 2007/2008), for more information regarding availability please contact our representative department. Additional nights and any modification to this offer is subject to availability and rates may vary during high season.
5. When reserving your accommodations, a $50.00 refundable deposit will be required for each reservation form made payable to Cancun Travel Unlimited to guarantee your room. To receive your refundable deposit after travel, please mail a request for refund to: Attn: Elite Cancun Getaway, XPUHI L NO. 3, Suite 8218 • S .M. 27, Cancun, Q.ROO • C.P. 77500, and we will mail you your refund. Your $50 refundable deposit can be applied to the hotel taxes that are due at time of travel dates.
6. Visit www.MyCancunGetaway.com to review your confirmed vacation reservation
itinerary. Simply enter your home phone number to access your information. Please give CTU adequate time to post your reservation itinerary. CTU reserves the right to substitute hotels of equal or greater value when deemed necessary. For questions about your vacation, please contact our friendly Customer Care Department Toll Free at 1-800-961-8354,Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. or Saturday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. (CST).
7. Revisions in Reservations: In an effort to meet the needs of our travelers, CTU is pleased to
accept revisions to a confirmed reservation up to 14 days prior to travel date via phone, fax or
email in order to avoid late change fees. A fee of $25 will apply for any revisions made within
14 days prior to arrival.
8. Cancellation of Reservations: If a confirmed reservation to travel is canceled within 7 days of arrival, a $25 per person fee will be imposed. If you do not arrive on your confirmed date, it will be canceled in its entirety. Additional cancellation penalties may apply for certain upgrades. CTU pays for all hotel accommodations included in this package in advance and must forfeit deposits in the event of a cancellation as listed above. You may cancel this contract if accommodations or facilities are not available pursuant to a request for use as provided in the contract. To do so, you must return this vacation package undamaged - complete with all contents in its original package - along with the post mark and a written letter of cancellation, via certified mail, to: Attn: Elite Cancun Getaway, XPUHI L NO. 3, Suite 8218 • S .M. 27, Cancun, Q.ROO • C.P. 77500, and we will mail you your refund.
9. CTU acts only as an agent for hotels, cruise lines, airlines, car rental companies, attractions and all other services supplied as part of this vacation package and will not assume any responsibility for loss, cancellation costs, delays, irregularities, accidents, injuries, damage to persons or property arising from or in connection with any of these services. No recipient should rely upon representations other than those included in this contract. CTU will not be responsible for written statements done by disputers of agents.
10. Two or more vacation certificates may not be used concurrently or consecutively. Only one vacation certificate per household may be used in any twelve (12) month period. This promotion is intended for promotion of participating hotels, yacht and Private clubs in Cancun Mexico. Any alteration or unauthorized copy will void this vacation. This certificate cannot be exchanged for cash. Not valid for retail sale.

XPUHIL NO. 3, SUITE 8218 • S.M. 27,CANCUN,Q.ROO • C.P. 77500
Customer Service 1-800-961-8354 • Reservations 1-800-690-8590

Fax 1-954-252-2093

Terms and Conditions